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Timed-Out Account Search

TRNC Banking Law, 5411 clause 62 states that; deposit/ time accounts, participation funds, receivables that have not received any written request or written order within the last ten years considered as timed-out accounts. You can search time up to date time out accounts list in our website.


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Attention To Our Customers:

Customers who are included in our time out account list should apply to one of our branches by 30.06.2022 with their valid Identity. Accounts which are not claimed by their account holder/holders until deadline will be transferred to the Savings Deposit Insurance and Financial Stability Fund (SDIFSF) accordingly to TRNC Banking Law.

Announcement regarding the merger of Gazimağusa Çarşı Branch with Gazimağusa Branch

Dear Customers,

Taking over the TRNC operations of a global brand such as HSBC has vested an immense amount of responsibility onto ALBANK’s shoulders. A smooth and transparent changeover was our primary goal, keeping in mind that this was an intense and a demanding project. Nevertheless with detailed planning and devotion on our staffs’ part we were able to accomplish all the undertakings necessary. I am proud to state that for HSBC customers, in accordance with our mission during this transition, “Life keeps going on just as before” was successfully accomplished.

We are now taking new steps in achieving our new and improved slogan, “Life is going on even better now.” In this framework, we are restructuring our branch network to improve the quality of services we are offering you. During this new phase, our branches located close by shall be consolidated to increase productivity, also new additional branches will be joining our branch network according to our customers’ needs.

Within this context, ALBANK Gazimağusa Çarşı Branch will be closed as of April 20, 2018 and will be merged with our ALBANK Gazimağusa Branch. All customer accounts in this group and corresponding products and services defined in these accounts will be transferred to Gazimağusa Branch (whose address and contact information is provided below) without any need of request by your part. Our customers will be able to carry out all their banking needs from our Gazimağusa Branch effective April 24th, 2018.

This migration process shall be completely transparent to our customers. Transfer of electronic records amongst branches will be initiated on the evening of 20th of April 2018, exactly at 23:59 hours. Upon completion of the transfer, you shall be able to request your new account numbers and corresponding UBAN details by visiting ALBANK Gazimağusa Branch, through our online banking services at , www.albank.com.tr , or by calling our Customer Services at  +90 392 444 52 52.

In connection with our new branch network structure, we shall also be announcing the launch of our ALBANK Güzelyurt Branch soon.

Thank you for banking with us!

ALBANK Board Member and General Manager

Details regarding your branch:

Name: ALBANK Gazimağusa Branch
Adresi: Eşref Bitlis Cad No: 27/2 Gazimağusa / KKTC
Address: +90 392 365 53 10
Fax No: +90 392 365 53 07
Branch Code: 9012


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